HypnoBiz Canada® 2019

October 25th-28th, 2019

Conference Highlights

  • Meet Elite Experts
  • Attend HypnoBiz Canada® to join an elite group of entrepreneurs, innovators, and professional experts!

  • Collaborate With Peers
  • Enjoy a unique experience that allows you to learn and share clinical, marketing and business strategies!


  • Grow Your Connections
  • Gain more confidence and direction by developing relationships with other high level entrepreneurs from around the world!



Presentation Topics

Allen Kanerva. Ontario, Canada. Using NLP to Cure PTSD

Annette Parker. Ontario, Canada. V.I.B.E – Vibrational Intuitive Basic Energy Clearing

Ariel Sherker. Quebec, Canada. The Art of Effective Listening 

Ayse Hogan. Ontario, Canada. Enhanced Energy Communication 

Caryn Bird. Ontario, Canada. Attitude of a Champion – Working With Athletes

Didi Verg. Ontario, Canada. The Power of Disgust and the Art of Aversion 

Elizabeth Rose. New Brunswick, Canada. Full Immersion Into Spirit 

Georgia March. Ontario, Canada. SUPERVENING – rewrite your history 

Harold Bollaci. New York, USA. Preserve, Protect and Defend – How to Safeguard Your Business 

Helen Breward. England, UK. Mind Over Menopause – World Renowned Leading Edge Information 

Helen Mitas. Australia. A 5 Step System to Attract As Many Clients As You Want 

Helene Feldman. New Jersey, USA. What Is Past Life Regression?

Hena Husain. Michigan, USA. The Power of Networking to Build Your Business

Jaime Feldman. New Jersey, USA. How Advanced Parts Therapy Can Help Make Major Changes 

Jennifer Kane. Missouri, USA. Anchoring With Acupressure Points for Health and Healing 

Joanna Cameron. Virginia, USA. Drain That Pain 

Leanna Lapidus. California, USA. Addiction Recovery – Roots Much Deeper Than Substance

Linda Herrick. Illinois, USA. Why Are You So Sensitive? 

Melissa Roth. Colorado, USA. How To Get Medical Referrals 

Michael C. Anthony. Florida, USA. How To Scale Your Business with Hypnosis Demonstrations 

Michael DeSchalit. Nevada, USA. How Stage and Demonstrational Hypnosis Helps Grow Your Clinical Business

Mohammed Sheikh. Ontario, Canada. The Anatomy Of Change 

Peggy Kelly-Davies. Ontario, Canada. The Importance Of Age Regression and How To Measure Its Effects 

Pierre Benoit. Quebec, Canada. Clinical Hypnotherapy for PTSD

Raphaela Alencar. Sao Paulo, Brazil. The Wonderful Wizarding of Hypnosis With Children 

Robbie Spier Miller. Ontario, Canada. Make 6 Figures and Never Sell Anything 

Sandy Glaze. Ontario, Canada. Dialling Up Your Frequency 

Selena D. Valentine. New York, USA. Wealthy Mindset – Wealthy Hypnotist

Sharon Jurd. Australia. Excellence In Business and Hypnotherapy 

Sheila Granger. England, UK. Engaging Your Local Community – A Powerful Business Builder 

Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas. California, USA. Alignment With Your Core

Steve Bredschneider. Ontario, Canada. The Art Of Exponential Growth

Tim Horn. Virginia, USA. The Simpson Protocol – Creating Mastery at Deeper Levels of Hypnosis 

Tim Jones. Ontario, Canada. Ego State Therapy – An Emerging Transpersonal Therapy

Ulrike Miller. Germany. The 6 Point Turnaround – Change Your Mood Immediately

Victoria Gallagher. Arizona, USA. Law Of Attraction – How To Reset Your Vibes

Wendi Friesen. Colorado, USA. A Revolution in Addiction Treatment 

Wendy Nemeth. Ontario, Canada. Accessing Your Inner Artist 

Yvonne Oswald. Ontario, Canada. 4 Hour Breakthrough Blueprint – Release Negative Emotions Quickly 

2019 Event Speakers

Experts Who Are Scheduled To Speak At HypnoBiz Canada®

Allen Kanerva

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Annette Parker

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Ariel Sherker

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Ayse Hogan

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Caryn Bird

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Elizabeth Rose

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Georgia March

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Harold Bollaci

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Helen Breward

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Helene Feldman

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Helen Mitas 

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Hena Husain

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Jaime Feldman

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Jennifer Kane

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Joanna Cameron

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Leanna Lapidus

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Linda Herrick

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Michael DeSchalit 

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Melissa Roth

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Michael C. Anthony

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Mohammed Sheikh

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 Peggy Kelly-Davies

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Pierre Benoit

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Raphaela Alencar

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Robbie Spier Miller

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Sandy Glaze

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Selena D. Valentine 

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Sharon Jurd

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Sheila Granger

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Shelley Stockwell Nicholas

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Steve Bredschneider 

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Rev. Tim Jones

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Timothy Horn

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Ulrike Miller 

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Victoria Gallagher 

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Rev. Wendy Nemeth

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Yvonne Oswald

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Rave Reviews From The 2018 CHC

  • Rev. Bea Hancock

    Hello Joanne, I wanted you to know that I really enjoyed the conference!

  • Hi Jo-Anne. Thank you so much, to you and your helpers, for putting on such a great conference. Excellent choice and n the venue. I was hoping to have a few moments with you, just to asking how your Hubby was doing, but I could see how busy you were. I hope that he is recovering well. Ellen and I are looking forward to going to Hypnobiz. Thx again.

  • I am very happy to hear about "your Brian" recovering well.😊 We are so looking forward to going to Hypnobiz. We even added a couple of days at the hotel, to turn it into a mini vacation, as well. Be well. See you there. Warmest regards. "Somebody else's Bryan." Warmest regards. Bryan and Ellen😊👍❤️

  • John P.

    Hi Jo-Anne, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the conference. I really enjoyed myself and it was a great weekend. Thank you again hope to see you soon

  • Jenn W

    Hey Jo-Anne! I just wanted to thank you again for another AMAZING CHC weekend!! You do such a fantastic job pulling it all together and I feel like I'm still riding the high of this weekend's energy!! One thing became clear to me this weekend and that is I really love teaching. I love speaking to live groups and being able to inspire and empower. Thanks again!!! Always so great to see you!! Xoxoxo

  • Darlene B

    Hi Joanne: The Conference venue was lovely, the food was great, the costume party was fun, the teaching was above average. I love that I can earn a certification during the weekend. First class all the way.

What Is HypnoBiz Canada®?

HypnoBiz Canada® is Co-organized by Jo-Anne Eadie and  Selena D. Valentine and is the most international and most progressive Hypnosis conference that brings together hundreds of top practitioners from all over the world to share their best advice and tips for success.  Set against the backdrop of the Toronto Metropolitan area, it is the place where Speakers, Coaches, Entrepreneurs – and the biggest names in the industry – come from dozens of countries to offer dynamic and amazing presentations that will teach you about the latest trends. While specializing in business strategies, HypnoBiz Canada® is proud to offer multiple tracks related to clinical and health topics as well.

Why HypnoBiz Canada®?

The mission behind this event is to help you learn, earn and grow.  You will learn ways to improve your skills, business and overall net worth, while finding opportunities to partner together.  As the most diverse conference, our attendees come from so many different backgrounds and life experiences, from the most well known in the profession to the 9-5’r who is aspiring to reach greater heights.  But once you enter our program, everybody is the same and only looking to help one another. It’s what sets us apart – HypnoBiz Canada® is truly supportive, collaborative – and free of any politics.

Who Should Attend HypnoBiz Canada®?

Hypnotherapists, counselors, psychologists, psychotherapists, medical professionals and other mental health and family therapy professionals. Every presentation is 50 minutes in length so that you can get exposed to as many techniques, ideas, philosophies and wealth strategies as possible. This is the ultimate conference to learn how to diversify your skill set, which is one one of the key principles of success.

What we can guarantee that you will get is the opportunity to be among your peers who have faced similar challenges in business and are willing and open to sharing their invaluable experience and resources.  And with this comes a camaraderie and unparalleled network of marketers and business owners who are there to help every step of the way. Now is the time to join us for the one event that brings together the most elite from around the world – at HypnoBiz Canada®, the opportunities are limitless.

What People Are Saying

Ayse Hogan

“It was fun to meet up with people that I haven’t seen for some time and I always learn new things. It was amazing to have a wonderful class to teach Past Life Regression to as well. The hotel was great, the people were awesome…it was wonderful”

-Ayse Hogan

Mary Alderson

“An opportunity to network and grow along with having a lot of fun”

-Mary Alderson

Elizabeth Rose

“There’s something for everyone, not just hypnotists. Networking, Entertainment, Interesting Products and Services at the Trade Show Booths, Lectures, Workshops and Fascinating Hypnosis Experiences”

-Elizabeth Rose

Mohammed Sheikh

“Great meeting you all and I really enjoyed and benefited from some amazing conversations I had with you folks”

-Mohammed Sheikh

Peggy Kelly-Davies

“Super cool to have something like this in my home city. As much as I enjoy travelling, definitely a different feeling having it at home. Looking forward to this Conference – very thankful that we have the opportunity to have this conference at our fingertips – how nice!! No exchange rates here!!! So many things to attend but which ones will I choose this year!! Lol”

-Peggy Kelly-Daviesn

Pierre Benoit

“I am soo looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones at the Conference! This is a MUST for all hypnotherapists and a need for everyone else to discover fantastic ways to reach your goals. See you all there”

-Pierre Benoit

Sheila Elaine Granger

“This conference always has a friendly almost family feel to me. Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new, and of course spreading the word of how we can help our adults of tomorrow

-Sheila Elaine Granger

Doris Summers

“I’m so excited to be able to attend again. This year I am going to follow the NLP track. It was really hard to decide because all the workshops look so interesting. I ended up making my decision by using my pendulum to decide. I can’t wait to see old friends and make new friends”

-Doris Summers

Sue Leocha-Sadowski

“Anything meaningful and worthwhile in life, generally takes time to nurture, mature, develop, and grow. It requires love and a great amount of energy infused into it. This is what Ms. Eddie has accomplished with her Hypnosis Conference year after year. She and those who work closely with her, have remained loyal and faithful to all of it, growing pains included. That is why I’m so honoured to be attending again”

-Sue Leocha-Sadowski

Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas

“Jo-Anne I am so looking forward to visiting you in Canada to teach the NLP track… I even wrote a book called “NLP Made Easy” I hope you love it… Speaking of love I love you and the amazing conference you have… See you soon”

-Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas

Rory Sheehan

“This is going to be a great conference again this year. Hope to see lots of my friends there”

-Rory Sheehan

Darlene DeStefano

“Why I am coming to the Conference this year? BECAUSE, I cannot afford to miss it!!! Such wonderful programs, learning opportunities, networking opportunities, food, fun, party, and best of all the most reasonably priced conference I have seen in years!!! Anyone, not signed up is seriously losing out. Can’t wait”

-Darlene DeStefano

Yvonne Oswald

“Come and join us in Toronto for the amazing Hypnosis Conference – the best in North America! Jo-Anne Eadie brings together the most talented people in the industry. It will be fun, educational and exciting”

-Yvonne Oswald

Jim Wand

“Thank you Jo-Anne and everyone else involved in putting this convention together. A great conference, with some wonderful speaker’s. I really enjoyed my time there”

-Jim Wand

Camille Louise Conti - Jarmusz

“I’m looking very forward to seeing & reuniting with many friends, colleagues and clients”

-Camille Louise Conti – Jarmusz

Fern Wolf

“Joanne is a master at organizing events and bringing in the best people to present. Looking forward to this year’s conference”

-Fern Wolf

Hypno Heather

“It went so well and by the end everyone was feeling the love of how great it feels to truly care about how you feel! It felt really great to be able to share all of the information I have learned through experience and self discovery with my colleagues”

-Hypno Heather

Martine Brisson

“Just a few days before the great week-end. Keep on the good work”

-Martine Brisson

Kathy Welter

“There were so many great moments in the conference. Days of meeting each other and connecting and sharing. AND the best part, we’re doing it all again, next year, same time same place”

-Kathy Welter

Ines Maria Antonia Simpson

“It was Awesome -Jo-Anne Edie Rocks”

-Ines Maria Antonia Simpson

This Special Weekend Includes:


Access to inaccessible people, talent, and resources!


Receive business development tools that produce high-return results!



Ideas Worth Using. Hear success stories from the Professional Leaders!



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