Michael DeSchalit. Las Vegas USA

Michael C. DeSchalit is a multi-award winning hypnotist, having been awarded the “Hypnotism Achievement Award” in 2013 and “Hypnotist of the Year” in 2016. Michael is an accomplished stage hypnotist and one of the most sought after hypnotist in the US. He is the owner of virtualhypnosisonline.com and work with peak performers worldwide. Michael has been a presenter at multiple hypnosis conferences for over a decade and is a member and certified instructor for both the ICBCH and the NGH. Michael has published four hypnosis books, training manuals and numerous downloadable and online audio and video self help programs.



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Business Track

“How Stage and Demonstrational Hypnosis Can Help Grow Your Clinical Business”

How would you like to add more clients to your clinical practice? How would you like to get paid to advertise your hypnosis business? Would you like to add more income and revenue streams into your wallet? This presentation is for you. Attendees will learn how stage and demonstrational hypnosis can fill their appointment books, add income to their pockets and grow their business exponentially. I will share with you how I have used my stage hypnosis business as a source of income as well as to add clients to my clinical hypnosis practice. I will also dispel any myths and misconceptions that stage hypnosis is “bad for our business”. I will also cover a method I use to promote and market my hypnosis business, and get paid while I am doing it.