Allen Kanerva. Ontario Canada

Allen Kanerva is a former Canadian military officer and humanitarian worker specializing in post conflict and humanitarian disaster situations. He served domestically as well as in Egypt, Iraq, South Sudan, Somalia, Somaliland, Uganda and Kenya.

Returning home from a six month peacekeeping mission in the middle-east in 1990, Allen knew that something was wrong. What followed is his journey into understanding post traumatic stress and more importantly, how people could overcome it. Today Allen is the Training Director at the Research and Recognition Project (R&R) based in Corning, New York. R&R is headed by Dr. Frank Bourke, a former Cornell University professor and one of the world`s leading experts into evidence based interventions that cure PTSD.

Allen trains licensed mental healthcare practitioners in a new neurological intervention – the Reconsolidating of Traumatic Memories (RTM) Protocol. The RTM Protocol has a greater than 92% success rate curing PTSD – without drugs and without the client re-living the traumatic experience – in as little as three, ninety minute RTM Protocol Sessions. Allen will be conducting twenty, five day RTM Protocol trainings across North America in 2019, starting with Walter Reed Hospital in January. His presentation, Life after Post Traumatic Stress, provokes and moves people to action. In it, Allen demonstrates the falsehoods and dangers associated with words like disorder and illness, the costs associated with post traumatic stress, that post traumatic stress can be cured and that there is life after a traumatic event.



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“How a Hypnosis Informed NLP Protocol Cures PTSD in Less Than 5 Hours”

In this 55 min presentation, Allen will describe the protocol and complete a successful intervention with a volunteer with unresolved diagnosed PTSD.