Helen Breward. United Kingdom

Helen Breward – BA(Hons), DipCAH, HPD, is the pioneer of The Menopause Relief Programme, which has gained national and international recognition for helping ladies with their hot flushes. She now trains therapists in her work and has practitioners in eight countries helping ladies to take back control. Helen has also presented her work at hypnosis conferences in Canada, Las Vegas, Daytona, Chicago and London. In 2018, she also published her first self-help book ‘My Menopause, My Way’. Prior to working full time in her hypnotherapy clinic, Helen was a primary school teacher for 13 years.



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“Mind over Menopause”

This presentation is delivered in a session style presentation so you can see & learn several methods first hand, to help your female clients with those hot flushes. You will learn some background information on the menopause e.g. common symptoms, what a hot flush feels like & Common Triggers, role of the main hormones & their effects. This is an informative and fun filled presentation with a practical demonstration showing exactly how to use hypnosis with those ladies of that ‘certain age’.

Currently, there are few therapists working in this area of specialism with even fewer presenting at conferences and training others in their own programme. With an estimated 700 million women currently going through menopause, this is a huge potential market in hypnosis. That figure is predicted to rise to over 1 billion in the next 7 years, so being prepared with knowledge and ideas on how to help can only be a huge bonus for individual therapist and the industry.