Leanna Lapidus

Leanna Lapidus. California USA

Credentials :
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Master NLP
Master Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
Yoga Teacher
Meditation Teacher
Addiction Intervention Coach

Leanna specializes in addiction recovery. People hear addiction and automatically hear drug abuse which is the most talked about form, however addiction roots much deeper than just substance. The crave comes in many forms categorized into alcohol/ drug and behavioral. What we refuse to notice is that eating disorders, OCD, sex, gambling and more are all form of addiction.

Through working at Passages Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers for over five years now and through Hypnotherapy for healing, life coaching and meditative visualization methods, Leanna works deeper to find the root of such difficulties.

She has been practicing these techniques professionally for 8 plus years to discover underlying methods and practices of treatment through this type of therapy, working on healing traumas and turning it around to empowered living and addiction free lifestyle. Leanna continues to work with a range of people from high profile celebrities to stay at home moms, entrepreneurs, young adults, and provides intervention training for families.

As a child she witnessed addiction within her family, and the behaviours associated with the habit. Knowing how to handle this situation from such a young age is what later sparked her inspiration to learn the tools to treat the behaviours associated with addiction.

Through Leannas own path of overcoming anxiety, depression, and worries of lack of purpose she has developed techniques that have helped her and many others cross that bridge to a better life. Transforming her own life through hypnotherapy, life coaching, meditative practices and working to develop a healthier mindset has helped her to lead her clients and children in the right direction.


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Miscellaneous Track

Choose to Start Living  – Addiction Recovery : Much Deeper Than Substances 

Addictions come in different forms – not just drugs and alcohol – and are more complex than the substance alone. Leamma helps families unite through addiction recovery will teach your her successful approach, the techniques and tools that she has practiced with clients over the years who have experienced life changing results and freedom from addictions.