Linda Herrick. Illinois USA

Linda Herrick is the owner of Alternative Soulutions LTD, and Director of Alternative Soulutions Academy. She is a Certified Instructor for Hypnosis through IHF and a Reiki Master and teacher for over 20 years. Linda is also an instructor for Continuing Education at Joliet Junior College and has taught classes at Governors State University to help others gain a deeper understanding of our energetic systems and how they work. Linda is an approved continuing education provider through NCBTMB for massage therapists.


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Metaphysical Track

“Why Are You So Sensitive?”

Have you always been told you are too sensitive? Can you walk into a room and feel the energy? Do you not only hear what people say, but can feel what they are feeling? Being sensitive can be a great gift, not a bad thing. You will explore how to recognize energy vampires and emotional parasites that zap your energy and learn to set up healthy loving boundaries, so you are drained of your energy. Being sensitive can be your greatest advantage to building rapport with your clients and others around you.