Michael C. Anthony. Florida USA

Anthony has been a full time Stage Hypnotist for 25 years. He is the founder of Stage Hypnosis University. Anthony is also an NLP Practitioner & Certified Erciksonian Hypnotist. Trained by the late Derrick Balmer at NLP Canada.

Best Selling Author of Body Language Secrets – How to Read Minds by Reading Bodies.

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Business Track

How to Scale Your Business Fast with Hypnosis Demonstrations

Did you know that putting on a Hypnosis show or a Hypnosis demonstration will attract qualified clients quickly?

In this entertaining presentation, award winning Stage Hypnotist Michael C. Anthony will show you the important aspects of putting on a demonstration that will turn into both new clients and big profits.

You will learn the 3 most important aspects of a presentation that will guarantee incredible volunteers every time! You will also learn:

What the 1% of Elite Performers know that you don’t
What separates the amateur from the professional
How to build a ridiculously powerful induction
How to unleash confidence and turn it into success