Peggy Kelly-Davies. Ontario Canada

Peggy Kelly-Davies is the founder of The Hypnosis Connection & Training Center in Bowmanville,ON.

She is a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Master Hypnotist, a Board Certified Hypnotist and Certified Instructor through the National Guild of Hypnostists(NGH) in the US. She is also an Award Winning Certified Professional Hypnosis Instructor for 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® through The Banyan Hypnosis Center in Plano, Texas.

She is a contributing author of the book – Real Hypnosis Business Success.

She has a degree in Holistic Health Sciences and is Certified in Brain Mapping.

 Peggy has served as a Director on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Association of Hypnotherapists in Toronto for 2 years. She is President of the Toronto East Chapter of the NGH and is Vice-President of the Mississauga NGH Chapter. In 2016 Peggy, once again, received the Leadership Award from the Banyan Hypnosis Center and the prestigious Order of Braid award at the National Hypnosis Convention in Marlboro, Massachusetts.



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Twitter : @hypnosis_edu
Instagram :  @hypnohelp4u


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