Rev. Tim Jones

Rev. Timothy Jones. Ontario Canada

PhD(c), MA, BMin, FNGH, OB
Board Certified Hypnotherapist
Transpersonal Counsellor


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Metaphysical Track

Ego State Therapy : An Emerging Transpersonal Therapy 

You’ve heard of Parts work, and maybe you’re even trained in the area. It’s also called Ego State therapy, where we contact and negotiate with a part of the client’s personality that isn’t working to the client’s benefit any more, like hair pulling or nail biting.

What happens though when that Part isn’t a Part at all, but is an energy of another type?

How do you know? What’s the difference? And how do you deal with the two?

Rev. Tim is a transpersonal counsellor with expertise in metaphysics. In this presentation he outlines how you can help your client more effectively in a shorter period of time using the emerging therapy of treating spirit attachment combined with ego state solutions.