Robbie Spier Miller. Ontario Canada

Robbie’ Spier Miller’s hypnotic style appeals to a broad range of people from all walks of life. Since 2006 she has been running a busy hypnosis practice, and specializes in helping people achieve practical goals such as weight loss, stop smoking, and stress management. As the Director of Hypnosis Training Canada, Robbie enjoys helping other hypnotists build thriving practices, where they can help many people while earning an executive level income. She offers hands-on real-life hypnosis and business training and mentoring for new and experienced hypnotists.



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Business Track

“Make 6 Figures & Never Sell Anything: How To Hypnotically Screen Your Clients So The Value They Get Is Worth Many Times What They Pay You”

The free screening is a crucial time to lay the groundwork for the success of your client’s program.

In this session you will have the opportunity to learn:

– How to read your client like a book so you can help them get real results

– Ways to communicate with people to help them make good decisions for themselves

– What to look for to know when to refer clients out

– How to structure hypnosis programs for client success