Sandy Glaze

Sandy Glaze. Ontario Canada

Sandy Glaze is a Personal Transformation & Self Development Coach who specializes in Energy Self-Development and Self-Mastery. She is a Certified Strategic Intervention & Advanced Relationship Coach, Reiki Master, published Author of Ending Global Loneliness; Finding Purpose, Love & Dynamic Relationships and Speaker.


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Metaphysical Track

Dialling Up Your Frequency

This talk is all about understanding how our energy systems work in tandem with the energies around us so we can apply the knowledge in our everyday lives. During the presentation, Sandy will help people on their journey inward to get reacquainted with their own life force energy.

“While doing my own research, I have found a way to demystify the process of understanding energy and share it in a way that everyone can understand. It is by consciously raising our frequency, we are in a much better place to command energy in and around us. This allows people to not only survive, but thrive in our rapidly changing world. By understanding how energy and intuition go hand in hand, people can start moving their energy almost immediately”