Sheila Granger

Sheila Granger. East Yorkshire United Kingdom

Sheila gained her certification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in the UK with the
General Hypnotherapy Standards council eight years ago, and has already been
recognized by The India Times as ‘Britains Leading Hypnotist’ and has appeared on
National Television on BBC News.

A popular speaker at conferences and Universities, Sheila has trained over 2500
practitioners in sixteen countries. Most known for the Virtual Gastric Band programme – Sheila takes hypnosis into new areas. Pioneering an Educational Performance Programme in Schools and Colleges, and taking hypnosis into business, helping them with sales, productivity and mindset.

She has received much national and international attention. BBC News, The Sun
Newspaper, Pick me up magazine, Womans weekly magazine, Daily Express, NHS
Hospital Radio, India Times, Tenerife News, Melbourne Observor, Fox News.

“Before we did the training with you we were contemplating a career change into
another business; however the response has been phenomenal, and enabled us to
continue with our passion of helping people through hypnotherapy, a modality which
we both love” – Angelo Sette, Australia


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Twitter: @sheilagranger

Business Track

Engaging Your Local Community : A Powerful Business Builder

Attracting and retaining customers is an essential business activity for any therapist.
In order to build a sustainable business though, we have to be seen to be a part of our local community, engaging with it in ways that create longevity.

We have to make ourselves visible. People buy you as a person, even
more so than with any other profession, only when they have bought you do they consider buying your services. There is only a limited amount we can do to create this visibility and connection with online strategies so we do have to engage in more activity in our communities to make this happen.

This presentation is based on the marketing activities Sheila has employed and continues to use on a daily basis, to create visibility and in turn a highly successful hypnotherapy practice. From staging fear of flying events at airports, through to building confidence in our homeless community…Sheila is sharing all her secrets!