Steve Bredschneider. Ontario Canada

” I’ve been a student of Bob Proctor for many years. Four years ago I underwent the process of becoming a Certified Proctor Gallagher Consultant and as such I endeavor to help as many people as I can become aware of Bob’s teachings and guide them to achieving all they can. Prior to being a consultant, I was an engineering technologist working in the forestry industry. My awareness of personal development allowed me to help the team I was on become very effective in the company. “



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Business Track

“The Art of Exponential Growth”

Humans are creatures of habit and some of those habits stop them from achieving all the great things they can because they do not believe in themselves. Their beliefs are based on habitual thinking sequestered in the Paradigm. In order to experience exponential growth in the bottom line of a business or in people’s personal lives, people must change their behavior. 96% of human behavior is controlled by their Paradigm. In this talk, Steve will demonstrate that anyone can achieve exponential growth by simply performing believe and therefore Paradigm changing exercises and with the assistance of hypnotic therapy will positively change their lives or the operation of their business.