Tim Horn

Timothy Horn. Virginia USA

From dynamic teaching at every level, to innovative workshops for businesses and organizations, to advanced education and one-on-one support utilizing hypnotherapy, Tim Horn, founder and owner of  Hypnoconsult, applies the mind sciences to help people overcome challenges and reach goals – even ones they thought unattainable. Tim teaches clients in Northern Virginia and throughout the world to maximize the potential of the mind, to live with fewer barriers and to help children do the same, improving their education while enhancing the experience of parental involvement.

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The Simpson Protocol – Creating Mastery at Deeper Levels of Hypnosis

With the Simpson Protocol, the client is capable of examining a multitude of mind levels and addressing them individually. People tend to think of themselves as primarily mental, physical, or spiritual beings.  There are many dimensions to each individual, but each layer has an effect on the other layers. If we have a physical disease, our mental state could suffer. If our spiritual life is challenged, our mental state may compensate.

Life is in many ways a search for balance in turbulent times.

With the Simpson Protocol, the Superconscious Mind is placed in charge of the different levels and given the ability to balance them. This achieves great harmony and congruence within the client. Because the client is not reliant on the hypnotist to create the change work, they take greater ownership of the process and release the identified issues more completely and holistically. 

The metaphor Tim uses is that of a garden:
When we are working with the client’s subconscious mind, we are walking in their garden. Each step, each word, each inflection can leave an impression on the field. The less intrusive we are in the client’s healing work, the greater the client’s ability to change, release or modify the issue. With the Simpson Protocol, the hypnotist follows a pattern of general questions which allow the client’s Superconscious Mind to fill in the blanks in the least intrusive way possible.