Ulrike Milner. Germany

Ulrike Milner lived 13 years abroad and worked with people in many different countries. She worked and lived in Australia, Switzerland, England, France, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong and the USA. Ulrike is currently living in Germany where she owns a full time hypnosis practice and a house of health and beauty.  She gives seminars on hypnotherapy and life coaching. A certified hypnotherapist (NGH) as well as an NGH Trainer,  NLP Master and Master Trainer (NFNGH certified) and a certified Hypno-Coach.

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“The 6 Point Turnaround”

This is a very effective method to change your mood practically immediately. It is easy fast and reliable. Not only to change your state and the way you feel but to see new options, and find a way how to realize the new ideas into action. It combines NLP techniques with live experience and business strategies. It works for years and I’m publishing a book about my six point turnaround. It’s a fun seminar with real life examples where everyone can relate and at the same time it provides thoroughly testet psychological methods which will bring tremendous results for all attendees.